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Tuesdays With Bernie

Compliance & Ethics Awareness Series

(With a title like that, how can it not be hilarious?)

Tuesdays With Bernie - Series & Episodes

Welcome to the complete “Tuesdays With Bernie” Employee Awareness Campaign kit.

The films that make up the series are the central component of the wider campaign of resources designed to educate your staff. Each film is customized with your company branding and a call to action. We also offer you the opportunity to modify the learning summary bullet points at the end of each episode to align with your company policies.

By using the resources in this kit, you will be able to capture your employees’ attention and deliver effective messaging to the company to inspire everyone to take responsibility for their workplace conduct. All without the assistance of bribes, intimidation, or the humiliation of pleading. Obviously. Because that would be wrong.

Check out our Seasons and sample the Episodes:

Episode 0: Teaser Trailer
British Compliance Officer Simon has taken a new job in Texas... But he still can’t escape his old friend Bernie.

Bernie has written a book on all he’s learned as a reformed con, and started a speaking tour to promote it. Now that he's back together with Simon in Texas, the two friends can resume their regular Tuesday meet-ups.

Download a copy of the trailer:

Episode 1: New Beginnings (Communicating With Respect)
British Compliance Officer Simon starts his new job in Texas, and is shocked to discover that his old friend Bernie is there as well! He’s written a book on all he’s learned as a reformed
con, and has now started a speaking career to promote it... However, Bernie still has a lot to learn, so the two friends agree to resume their regular Tuesday meet-ups.
Episode 2: Left Behind (Disclosure of Non-Public Information)
Bernie’s newfound fans clamor for a picture, whilst Simon remains unconvinced by his reformed friend. Kara comes to Simon to clarify her trading position, when she comes across some information that she wasn’t supposed to see.
Episode 3: The Fixer (Use of Local Agents)
DeMarco, an old “friend” of Bernie’s, is meeting with Trent and his fellow traders. Bernie informs Simon that DeMarco is not somebody who does things “by the book”, and someone upstairs should know about him before he acts on behalf of the company…
Episode 4: Talking A Good Game (External Communications)
A charming reporter manipulates Trent into discussing classified details of the company’s latest project. As Simon rushes to tell his boss Sharon to put a stop to it, Bernie sees a promotional opportunity for his book…
Episode 5: Sit-Up And Take Notice (Anti-Corruption)
Trent appears to have a sudden charitable streak, as he prepares for the latest viral video challenge – his sponsors donate money for each sit-up he performs. His change of personality arouses the suspicions of Simon and Kara, who decide to take a closer look at the charity Trent is trying to support…
Episode 6: Smell Test (Counterparty Screening)
Kara has made an innocent mistake regarding a counterparty’s status, but has caused lots of extra work for Francine, who controls the clear-out schedule for the communal refrigerator; a job that may now become Kara’s indefinitely.
Episode 1: You Scratch My Back (Non-Public Information)
Trent’s big mouth is getting him into trouble again. He lets slip to a supplier that the timeline for “Phase 2” is being brought forward – information that has found its way to Bernie, and the company’s competitors…
Episode 2: Like It Never Happened (Health and Safety Event Reporting)
Simon sees a fellow employee fall down a flight of stairs, then mysteriously disappear without a trace. Bernie suggests he might be finally losing the plot, as Simon explains how he keeps seeing the woman but is unable to reach her.
Episode 3: Seeing The Light (Export)
Sharon is on the war-path after a thermal camera is returned to the office, having been shipped without the correct export license. Simon investigates and discovers that Trent is the culprit…
Episode 4: Eye Of The Storm (Business Continuity)
Simon wakes up to discover the office abandoned and a huge storm approaching… Unfortunately, he isn’t up to speed on the business continuity plan.
Episode 5: No Second Chances (Legal Holds)
The legal department are adamant that all records pertaining to a particular client are maintained, after accusations of market manipulation surface. Trent is taking the request in his characteristically casual way, and Bernie suspects his motives to be less than honorable.
Episode 6: The Hard Way (Code of Conduct)
Bernie has another chance to make a presentation to the company, and this time he’s determined to make it a success. Trent’s bad behavior finally catches up to him, whilst Simon and Bernie share a moment of camaraderie.
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